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At KSW Lawyers, we provide a holistic, client-focused approach to law. By focusing on the specific needs of each client, while working together with other lawyers in our firm, we can make holistic recommendations that address the root cause of problems and guide you towards an appropriate course of action.‍

Family Lawyer Abbotsford

Divorce Law and Family Law Abbotsford

If you're facing separation or divorce, you're probably feeling overwhelmed. You might be worried about the financial implications, confused about your legal rights, and concerned about what is best for your children.

Our Family Law team at KSW Lawyers is committed to helping you navigate the complex and emotional process involved in separation and divorce. We can provide legal assistance to help minimize stress, strategize for a reasonable outcome, and protect the interests of you and your loved ones. If you're in Abbotsford BC and looking for family law services, contact KSW Lawyers.

Our Family Law Services:

Separation & Divorce Lawyers

Our professional team of experienced lawyers can help you navigate the complicated world of family law. We are sensitive to the emotional upheaval you and your family may be experiencing and can guide you through the legal process and help you protect your interests. KSW Lawyers will work with you to develop an effective strategy for reaching a reasonable solution so that you can focus on moving forward with your life.

We offer a range of legal services to help you resolve your divorce or separation. We can help you with contested divorce, uncontested divorce, and high net worth divorce cases. We also help clients with property division, asset division, spousal support, and settlements as well as appeals for your case.

Family Law Matters Involving Children

Divorce and separation are difficult for everyone involved, including children. When parents choose to end their marriage, one of the most important and difficult decisions they will make is how to care for their children.

Divorce is a tough time for everybody, but it is important to reach an agreement with your spouse that reflects the needs of all family members. It is critical that divorcing parents find arrangements that are mutually beneficial and in the best interest of their children.

Our Divorce Law team at KSW Lawyers can provide you with the guidance and legal services you need. Our attorneys can help you make important decisions about parenting arrangements and child custody; child support and child protection; guardianship and adoption; or any other legal matters regarding your family unit that may come up during your divorce or separation proceedings.

Common Law (Spouses) Family Lawyers

For many common law couples who live together without marrying, their rights as partners in a relationship are not well understood. Although many people are under the impression that common-law couples have the same rights as married couples, this is often not the case.

While a common law relationship is generally defined as two people who live together in a committed "marriage-like" relationship, the precise laws defining this relationship differ across Canada. In other words, depending on your province or territory, the criteria needed to qualify as a common law partner can vary. An experienced BC Family Law Lawyer will be able to explain this to you, as well as educate you on the rights and obligations you have as a common law couple in British Columbia.

The Family Law Lawyers at KSW Lawyers can help you understand the differences between common law and legal marriages. We can explain common law rights and responsibilities, how to deal with issues relating to common law spouses, and can assist you with separation agreements if needed.

Other Family Law Services

KSW Lawyers can help you get efficient results in all facets of relationship dissolution and family law, including other areas such as marriage agreements, surrogacy agreements, and representation at mediation.

Get Family Law Assistance Now

Our skilled Family Law team at KSW Lawyers has an outstanding reputation throughout Abbotsford BC, the Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley. We work hard to get results for our clients and we put their needs first. Our family lawyers have experience at all levels of court including both the Provincial Court and the Supreme Court. Our law firm takes a collaborative and innovative approach when handling cases and is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each family.

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