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Matt Frzr

KSW was able to connect me with Bonnie who was incredibly professional and attentive through what would have been a very stressful legal ordeal without her care and professionalism. Highly recommended.


Angelika Ratzlaff

Being able to rely on Malachi's professionalism and expertise in family law, was exactly what I needed during stressful times. She is pleasant, organized and does not hesitate to go the extra mile.




Kaitlyn Penner

Malachi Cameron has been my family lawyer since spring 2023. Since my consultation, she has been clear and effective in her communications. Her legal assistant Hiba is organized and I always appreciate her quick responses to invoicing questions and the process for that. Going into my 2nd mediation, 1st mediation with with Ms. Cameron representing me. She has spent time and energy responding to me and answering my phone calls. She has a really great understanding of family law and the court system. She is respectful of my time and my financial commitments. She has made it known that my thoughts matter and that my requests aren't stupid. She has taken what once was a really stressful situation and turned it into a really collaborative process where I am empowered and my voice matters. I don't feel like I'm wasting my time whereas previously, I felt like I couldn't trust my representation to help me navigate this process. So huge thank you to Malachi!


Laura Lee McGhie

For the past 5 years since my MVA I have had the pleasure to work with the most awesome legal team at KSW Lawyers in Surrey BC. Tony and his legal team of Karen Ibarra and Carolina Gray offered the legal support that in the end gave me the financial and emotional settlement I needed to be able to go forward with my life. Tony’s years of expertise coupled with his knowledge of the law was amazing. I’m so glad I chose to go with KSW!


Ruth Ghuman

Michael Weiler has helped with many employee resolutions, he is an excellent and experienced lawyer.


Laurie Kirlik

We have been corporate clients of KSW Lawyers for almost 50 years ! We have recently worked with both Michael and Chris to the utmost of satisfaction. We have never been disappointed with any aspects of their work. They are friendly, easy to talk to and very, very knowledgeable. Thank you KSW - your services, your kindness and your expertise has kept us as long standing clients for good reason. Again, my many thanks.


Lawrence Ellingson

Super pleased with everything Malachi did for me over these last two years. She was so knowledgeable and patient throughout the whole process. Highly recommend her!


Jasmine Aleck

I have the highest praise for Rory Morgan and his team! They were amazingly detailed and professional. They helped me through 5 tough years after an accident and worked hard consistently to get me the settlement that I deserved!



Very grateful for the help and assistance provided by both Jenson and Rosalia during a very difficult time on short notice. Rosalia kindly helped facilitate arranging and preparing for my consultation with Jenson who was very kind, knowledgeable and supportive in ensuring that I was better informed of my options regarding a difficult and sudden matter. I am thankful for the professionalism they both exhibited in providing the support I really needed.


Amanda Eggins

I had the pleasure of working with Rory Morgan and Pam over the past 5 years. Despite my complicated case, further complicated by a pandemic, they made the process easy and low stress. Rory helped me feel prepared for all meetings and answered my one million questions about personal injury law. I really appreciate all of their kindness and professionalism in reaching an excellent settlement.


Damian Andreas

Jenson Leung really assisted me well for my case. It was a simple conversation over the phone with him and instructed me step by step on how to win my case. He walked me through on what exactly to say and worked out in the end. If one is going through a job-related issue, I highly recommend KSW lawyers and will be recommending them to my colleagues.


Jennifer Washtock

I am highly satisfied with Peter Unruh and KSW and will continue to send friends, family and acquaintances to them. A lawyer I know who didn’t do ICBC work recommended them when I asked if he knew anyone who was honest and who had a good reputation and he gave me Peter’s name. Peter took his fees off after expenses were taken off, vs. beforehand as every lawyer I have dealt with in the past (unfortunately this was not my first ICBC case). Peter’s fees were consistent with other lawyers, prior to trial and I was surprised to learn that if my case had gone to court his fees wouldn’t have been raised by 5-10% as is common. Peter and his assistant Jessica were kind, knowledgeable, honest and helpful.



Ale Henao, and her team did an amazing job on my employment case. Ale met me at a difficult time in my life, a moment someone like me would have never thought to be in. She was calm, smart, compassionate, experienced, and delivered positive outcome in my case. If anyone in my network, needs legal services I will recommend this firm and Ale. Thank you. -Felix


M Mac

If you're like me, you might only need a lawyer to represent you once in your life. And if you do find yourself needing legal help, I can only hope that you are as well represented and respectfully treated as I was by Chris Drinovz. He negotiated a settlement for me that was clear, fair and timely, and believe me, that wouldn't have happened without him. It's onwards and upwards for me now, and I'm very grateful for that.


The Stranaghans

I just wanted to reach out and say how much we have appreciated working with Malachi. Her communication, efficiency, and logical point of view has eased a lot of the stress we feel when going to court or working with the other party. Malachi has truly shown that she is fighting for what’s best for our son and has made sure to use logical and detailed explanations when talking to us about the matters at hand. It is a good feeling knowing that somebody else is in your corner and sees the struggles you have been facing when dealing with family matters. We are so thankful to have found Malachi and although we hope to one day not need her services, we will continue to work with her for as long as our current family matter continues.





Kanchan has been a dedicated lawyer who really invests her effort and time in her clients, She is very organized, prompt and punctual. In my case, I was late most of the time in replying to her. Kanchan stayed on top of everything and ensured that any information that is required from me is submitted on time. I would often hear from my friends complaining about their lawyers not returning their calls or waiting for the last minute to submit the documentation. To my surprise, this was not the case with Kanchan. I never needed to call her because she was always prompt in her work and would keep consistent communication via phone calls or emails. She is a very knowledgeable and confident lawyer who will strive to provide the best service to her clients. It has been a pleasure and a positive experience working with Kanchan.


Jesse D.

I am writing to express my gratitude to Andrew and his amazing team. I appreciate you professional support and guidance throughout the process with ICBC. Your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot to me. With your help I was able to focus on other parts of my everyday life. I will definitely recommend your professional services to my family and friends.


Greg Karoway

My experience with Rory Morgan was exceptional. I've dealt with several lawyers in my time and none have ever devoted the time that Rory did. Over the last 5 - 1/2 years, Rory worked after hours and on weekends as needed and continuously kept me in the loop of what was going on. I am happy to say that my case is done now. I would definitely say Rory is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. Thanks Rory!


Rosalind Barnes

I was referred by a different lawyer to contact Alejandro Henao of this law firm. Right from the start of the consult and Henao garnered a strong, positive, first impression because she is informative, direct and honest. She gave me the straight facts. "The golden rule applies here", "treat others as you would like to be treated". I felt comforted but impressed by her knowledge as a straight shooter. One could not deny her genuine opinion. So if your looking for integrity, someone you want to lean on and trust, you contacted the right lawyer and the right law firm



“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you, and everyone on this email for their help in realizing our dreams. Through this whole process, I have been impressed at the professionalism that you and everyone here has displayed under pressure to get it right, the first time, and on a deadline. For me, this purchase is symbolic. It is a symbol of stability in medical practice as it ensures that we have a permanent physiatry home at the current, purpose-built location, and will for years, and years, and years, and years. It is a symbol of financial stability for my family. It ensures safety and stability for my spouse and daughter should something unthinkable happen to me, and I am so very grateful for that. Thank you everyone for the part you have played in helping us. With deep gratitude.”



Recently circumstances beyond my and my employers control resulted in the need for negotiation for future employment with my present employer. Mike was extremely easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, compassionate and focused on the details resulting in the need for negotiation. His guidance and perspective on the matter at hand gave me piece of mind and and put clearly in perspective what both I and the company thought of each other. I am happy to say that with Mike’s recommendations for the negotiating process I was able to secure a contract that worked for both myself and the company. I would most certainly use Mike again should the need arise.




Margarita Jankovic

Mr. Rory Morgan was lawyer recommended to us and we used his services and help with mine and my husband ICBC case (car accident we had few years ago). Rory always responded promptly to all our questions and concerns, was very clear and concise explaining the whole process and what to expect. He was supportive and guided us through the complex process - fought hard to protect our rights and get us compensation for immediate and long term health concerns, due to the car accident. His charges are reasonable compared to other lawyers and to the good quality work and results you'll benefit from. He is also efficient referring business to his colleagues, who specialize in certain aspects of law, if he is not able to service your needs. We would highly recommend Rory for all of your legal needs!


Ken Mill

Jesse Dunning of KSW was very helpful and professional. The expertise and advise given were on point. I did not have any negative experience what so ever and my case was negotiated to fair settlement. I highly recomend Jesse and KSW for your legal needs.


Kevin Popowich

I got into an accident back in 2016 and I decided to get a lawyer because I have dealt with ICBC in the past and they were just very aggressive and it made my anxiety go through the roof.. first thing I noticed when I met with Andrew and his law firm is that they made me feel right at home and he just seemed very trustworthy and I come from a lower income family so knowing that the law firm was going to help me with medical expenses during this whole time was a huge load off my shoulders financially and made the whole process that much better. I never felt through this whole time that Andrew was in it for a quick buck he genuinely seems like a good person and I would highly recommend anyone to him if they're in need. If there are more stars than five I would give them. His assistant Genevieve is also amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.


John Horchik

Rory Morgan has been a great lawyer. Very professional, able to explain things clearly, helps clients understand the various processes through our legal system. His Paralegal Pamela Walsh is so organized, kind, considerate, she helps make the process smooth. I have been very pleased with the two of them and highly recommend them.


Jennifer Rodgers

Rory Morgan is a skilled negotiator and I felt very assured that my claim was in his capable hands. He was responsive to my queries and always forward thinking. He is a trustworthy lawyer with great integrity. Thanks to Pam, as well, who was communicative and proactive with my file. I highly recommend his legal services.


Nathan Gosse

Have been using KSW for a couple of years and have appreciated their attention to detail, communication, and transparency. They’ve been helpful navigating corporate setup as a small business owner, thanks!


Gonzalo Aranda Flores

Alejandra Henao and Chris Drinovz was my lawyer and honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. He handled my case with care and diligence. Alejandra and Chris was always available with any questions or concerns that I had. I am more than satisfied with the outcome of my human rights case. KSW Lawyers helped me through the hardest time of my life and I will be forever grateful.


Hester VanBraeden

As a small business owner I know that there is a lot that I don't know around the legalities of running a business. So I was pleased that Jesse Dunning had advised me that I needed a particular kind of contract drawn up. During the interview process where I was asked questions to create the contract, I could see the wisdom of what we were doing. He addressed all my questions and presented the contract in a timely manner. The contract that he wrote up for me has been through a couple of subsequent professionals who have commented on it's solidity, and also on the wisdom and foresight that I had in drawing this contract up in the first place. I've been so pleased to say that it really wasn't me, it was my legal quarterback team.


Renu Uppal

We dealt with Ruby on some business matters. Her service was excellent, we loved her promptness and attentive engagement with us. We would definitely continue working with Ruby.


Scott Miller

I have an issue with noisy neighbours that has been ongoing for 5 years. The lack of assistance from the city is truly unbelievable. I contacted Arjun Hair and he did some valuable background work and saw me today to map out a strategy My cost so far is $0.00. Though I am not a huge client I was treated with courtesy and respect. I will never use another law firm again


Mark Conroy

Very professional and caring in a difficult time in facilitating probate of his will.


Jamie Oslie

I met with Andrew Zacharias in the fall of 2015 when I was involved in a MVA . From the first day he and his team made me feel at ease in a situation that was uneasy and difficult to navigate . Andrew abs his team were always attentive to me when I would reach out with questions , handling all my legal needs and making sure I was fully taken care of . I didn't feel like I needed to worry because I knew my case was safe in their capable hands . I have recommend Andrew to a few friends , they are definitely my go to for any legal needs :)


Rav Randhawa

My experience with Rory Morgan was amazing. It was my first examination of discovery so I was very nervous walking into the meeting, but Rory ensured that I was equipped with all the knowledge and tips necessary to complete it successfully. Not only was Rory informative, he was able to provide me with advice and tips that helped me remain calm throughout the questions. Additionally, he was very kind and had a genuine desire to help me, which is something I value as a client. I highly recommend Rory for your legal needs, he is professional, knowledgeable, and more than qualified!


Yves Cote

I have to say that I was very pleased with the advices I received from Alejandra Henao. Very insightful and helpful for me to deal with WCB. It’s rare that lawyers will go out of their way to advise someone who is desperate in front of a big corporation.(WCB) Thank you so much for your help.


Kevin Wang

Chris and his team are exceptional. Such a knowledgeable, responsive, and caring professional who really puts his clients in the first place. His advice helped me quickly reach a satisfactory agreement with my previous employer. I will not hesitate to recommend Chris and his team to anyone that needs Employment attorney service.


Neil Kumar

I just wanted to share my experience with Kane Shannon Weiler. I would like to express immense gratitude for Tony Urquhart. He took the time out to help my father when he really needed and the both of us greatly appreciate it. If you happen to require the services of a law office fortunately or not. I would highly recommend this firm and Mr Tony Urquhart.


Christina Piche

To Whom it May Concern; Rory Morgan was my lawyer for a motor vehicle accident I endured in 2017 until my settlement in 2021. I have never had to experience such a life changing event I my life. From my first meeting with him, Rory explained that I must first focus on healing myself. He would be in touch as to my progress and he was. Rory is a thorough and competent professional. I always felt he had my best interests in mind. He dealt with ICBC for me which allowed me the freedom to take care of my health while he took care of my legal concerns. I found his assistant Pamela Walsh to be a very pleasant professional and quick to reply to my calls or emails. They make a great team and I truly felt confident I had the right professionals taking care of my case. Rory was honest and transparent in all of my dealings and explained the legal processes we encountered. I would not hesitate to recommend Rory to anyone who is in need of a Personal Injury Lawyer you will not be disappointed. Thank-you Rory and Pam it has been a pleasure. You both made a difficult process a lot easier for me. Christina Piche


Souky Souky

Koodos to Darlene for helping me out with the Estate purchase. Darlene is very knowledgeable and answered all questions I had during my Purchase. I would recommend her for any of your legal matters. Koodos to Darlene Dort. I will be incorporating my business soon and will be going to this firm.. A++++++++++++++++


Kash Khan

Absolute pleasure working such a professional and dedicated group during the pandemic. Much thanks to Mr. Christopher Drinovz and co!


Raj Singh

Ruby Grewal was an amazing advisor for me and my partners. We required a tax effective structure for a real estate transaction and we were quite perplexed before we met with Ruby. She quickly and methodically guided us through the structure she put together and we could not be happier. It resulted in all of the partners saving significantly on taxes versus what our previous lawyer advised. She worked hand in hand with our accountant which was above and beyond. They worked together and it such a great experience that we will be sticking with Ruby for good. Thank you Ruby and all of the KSW team!


Zach Watts

Aleksandra and her team helped me out and walked me through every step of the way. Took the time to go above and beyond in every aspect of what I needed to have done. I'd highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal help in the future!


Melodee G

Professional, results driven, action oriented, responsive and thorough are words that come to mind when I describe my experience with Christopher Drinovz, Andrew Zacharias and the legal support team at KSW Lawyers. I had been working with another lawyer pertaining to my ICBC personal injury case for close to 4 years before Chris and Andrew agreed to take over my file. I immediately noticed a significant difference in terms of communication and efforts, compared to my previous representation, and with very little time to meet all-important deadlines for submission of evidence pertaining to my injuries. Chris and Andrew were able to quickly arrange a multitude of Independent Medical Examinations that were critical to the success of my claim and subsequent settlement. They were also able to recognize, based on the nature of my injuries, the specialized medical professionals required to provide thorough and relevant assessment and diagnoses. They were also able to accomplish in months, what would typically take several more months and even years. Thanks to them I am pleased with the outcome regarding my settlement and can move on with my life, thanks to the efforts of this dynamic duo! I hope I do not require their services again, but should I need to, I would definitely seek their assistance for my legal needs.


Eric S

Very professional services provided. Ruby did a great job!


Mimea Mink

Vik has done an excellent job in settling my motor vehicle accident claim with ICBC. He had been actively following up with me on my case for 2 years and is very resourceful and answered all my inquires in detail. I really appreciate the time and effort he had spent on my case and will definitely refer him to my family and friends for other legal matters.



Would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Rory Morgan for his involvement in our ICBC claim. Rory's extensive experience and knowledge provided a reassuring confidence that our claim would be handled with an excellent standard of care and diligence. Our claim was recently concluded and would have no hesitation in recommending Rory as a highly regarded counsel.


Naomi Decicco

Rory provided sound advice and guidance, helping to navigate us through the steps to resolve our situation. He was prompt with responses and always made time to answer questions. Very professional service. Would definitely recommend.


Monette Serafica

Mr. Christopher Drinovz and Alejandra Henao did very good with my employment and WorkSafe cases. They really are hands-on when dealing with their clients. Very professional and reliable. I recommend seeking advice with Mr. Chris and his team for your employment and WorkSafe needs.


Max Grouette

Arjun was great to work with - great follow up and delivered me what I needed.




Harman Johal

Great service! Darlene really knows her Real Estate related facts


Maria Manolache

We have our corporate matters with the firm and are really satisfied with their service. They're always responsive, thorough and efficient. We recommend them to any business we know. Thank you!


Ginny Connolly

Very professional and helpful!!!


Maria Manolache

We had real estate transactions handled by this office, and were very impressed by the responsiveness and efficiency of the lawyers (Heather) and staff, as well as the great prices. Will continue to call them first for any transactions or issues. Thank you!


Tracy Holden

I was referred to Christopher D. Drinovs to assist with employment contract negotiations. Chris was pleasant and easy to work with. He grasped my need very quickly and turned around the proposal I needed very expeditiously with clear language. This resulted in a positive and mutually agreeable outcome. The fee for services was very fair. Thank you Chris for your assistance.


S Home

Darlene Dort really helped us with our share purchase agreement and subsequent financing. She made sure we knew of our risks and represented us well in our negotiations with the other side. Thanks Darlene.


Glen Pereira

This is one of my top choices to refer my clients to for real estate purchases and sales. They are professional efficient and courteous.


Stephanie Guthrie

I was a client of Rory’s from 2017 to 2021. During that time he was very consistent the whole way through. Rory was always genuinely professional. He was very relatable making it very easy to talk to and ask every question I needed answered I was suffering from a very bad concussion. Rory made everything simple for me to understand, providing great guidance. I highly recommend him. Amazing lawyer


Erin Terry

Very helpful lawyer, answered all my questions


Ashley Bouchard

From the first correspondence we had with Christopher Drinovz on an employment matter we knew we were in the right hands. Chris is always professional and his calm, confident demeanor continued to impress us throughout the process. We highly recommend Chris and his team!


Jack Peters

After writing the orginal review in May 2017, this branch office continues on strong and my words have not changed, with....Proven Trust and words like honest, fair, integrity and lawyer, all in the same sentence. Going into years, using this firm with after a dozen or more, different transactions, this office (principal) and staff do a great job. Proven trust is hard to find. Thank You.




Alan McInnes

I can’t recommend Chris Drinovz of Kane, Shannon and Weiler enough to anyone seeking help with employment matters. Despite being handed a difficult situation, Chris was successful on my behalf. At all times he and his staff were responsive, caring, and professional in their manner and approach. His briefs are concise, articulate, and effective in bringing the key issues into focus for all parties. I’m incredibly grateful for his work on my behalf and recommend him without reservation to anyone needing help in employment law.


Aly Abji

I was directed to Christopher D. Drinovz to assist with wrongful termination and severance negotiation. Chris went out of his way to ensure I understood applicable laws and process and helped me to negotiate a much better settlement than I was originally offered. Chris is highly recommended and is now my go-to lawyer for all employment related needs. Chris was even kind enough to review a new offer from another employer and ensure I didn’t end up in a similar situation I had with my last employer. Being proactive is the name of the game and understanding employment law can be a huge challenge. If you have questions or concerns regarding your employment situation look no further than Chris and KSW!


Rajwant Kang

Our lawyer Tony was great help in our case. He is a very nice person and we are pleased with the service he provided. He got us the fair amount which we are very pleased with. He is such a humble and nice person being. He was very easy to deal with. He fought our case until we were satisfied with the amount offered. We felt very comfortable talking to him and he is very friendly as well.


Brad Kiendl

We hired Chris Drinovz to complete our employment contracts. He worked with us to customize the agreement to our needs and had the whole thing wrapped up in less than two weeks. He was great to work with.




Dean Quasar

Kelsey and Anita are the best. Always very helpful.


Steve Foreman

Best lawyers I have been with. Tammy from Sinclair's Motorsports sent me here. Best advice in a long time. Thanks guys.